Using X4 Labs Extender for Real Penis Enlargement Results

For many eras, desperate people all over the world, to enlarge and stretch body parts, have used traction. Technology has made it easier to achieve real penis enlargement results using traction than was previously possible. With devices like the X4 Labs Penis Extenders, applying traction to enlarge your penis can be safe, easy and effective.

x4-labs-reviewBehind the Results

Traction devices like the ones found at work on the basic principle of expanding the space between the cells of the penile tissue. This makes your body begin to build more cells to fill the gaps, and it results in additional tissue growth and greater penis length.

Benefits of X4 Labs Penis Extenders

When used properly and as instructed, devices for stretching the penis can increase both the length and girth of your penis. It is safe and effective if you are using a high-quality penile extender, which is doctor-approved, such as those from X4 Labs. In a study, participants who used penile extenders in a clinical trial, gains in penis length and girth were still present six months after ceasing to use the stretching device, and tended to be permanent. Research studies on penile extenders have demonstrated that good results are attainable and that individuals using penile extenders were happy with their results.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Men with a curvature of the penis have a condition called Peyronie’s disease. Penile extenders have been used to effectively treat the curvature and patients have reported good results and high levels of satisfaction with the treatment.

Lower Cost, Better Results

X4 Labs penis extenders have a lower cost than many other penis enlargement treatments, and are certainly among the most effective of them. There are almost never any residual costs; once you have a penile extender; there is nothing else to buy, unless you happen to need spare parts, which is rare. With pills or creams, you have to keep buying more and nearly all of them require a fair amount of time to start working. Once they are working (if they are working), you cannot stop using these methods or you stand to lose any gains you have made. With penile extenders, you buy it once and you are done.

Yes, there is a Downside

While there are many great benefits to using penile extenders, there is one significant drawback. Penile extenders take a lot of time and commitment on your part. You will be wearing your penis-stretching device for several hours on a daily basis for months to get the best results. However, the contrary is also true; if you are willing to make the commitment to enlarging your penis properly, your results will be correspondingly better than they would be if you were less diligent. You have to keep your goals realistic, but by using a penile extender for six to ten hours daily over a period of three to six months, you could gain as much as one to two inches.

x4-labs-benefitsWho Should Use X4 Labs Penile Extenders?

While many men are able to come to terms with their penis size without using a stretching device, many others are deeply dissatisfied with their penises and choose to pursue penis enlargement treatments. Those who are serious about it often consider surgery, but many doctors are unwilling to schedule surgery unless it is necessary. This is because there are many risks associated with penis enhancement surgery. Most doctors will recommend x4 labs penis extenders prior to recommending surgery because extenders are safe and non-invasive. They are also comparatively cheap and extremely simple to use, while providing tangible results.

A Rundown of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Most men have dreamed about what it would be like to have a bigger penis at some time or another, but with all of the viable male enhancement methods that are on the market these days, that dream can absolutely become a reality nowadays.

Gone are the times when a man would simply be stuck with the penis size that was natural to him, as more and more men are turning to either penis enlargement surgery or stretching devices in order to gain a permanent increase in size.

Meanwhile, men who would like to have bigger and harder erections are finding help in the form of penis pills, which are an all-natural and generally a much less costly solution.

penis-enlargement-surgerySurgical Solutions

Penis enlargement surgery, also referred to as penile enlargement surgery or phalloplasty, can be used to add both length and girth to the penis. The most common approaches for “adding length” however, are really just procedures that expose more of the shaft so that the penis appears longer.

In the first method, the ligament that attaches the penis and the pelvic bone is cut, revealing the shaft further up and making it look like it has gained some length, normally less than an inch. A newer procedure that can usually be performed on an outpatient basis involves disconnecting the scrotum from the shaft enough that it allows more of the shaft to become visible, again giving the illusion of a longer penis.

In order to add girth, surgeons can use liposuctioned fat from a man’s abdomen or thighs in order to widen the penis, though the initial results will usually fade with time.

A better option is to graft dermis, which is a thin layer of tissue with healthy blood vessels that sits just below the surface of the skin, as well as the fat that is attached to it, into the shaft of the penis. This method appears to provide patients with longer-lasting and more satisfying results overall.

Penis enlargement surgeries can take extra time to recover from and they often require that men wear special straps or other devices to ensure that proper healing takes place. These surgeries are also not normally covered by health insurance, especially if the surgery is for cosmetic purposes, so you’ll need to be prepared to pay for the cost out of your own pocket.

All in all, penis enlargement surgery can:

  • Provide patients with some permanent increase in size
  • Offer the ability to increase both length and girth
  • Give relatively reliable results

Penis Enlargement – Traction Devices and Male Enhancement Pills

Penis Stretching Devices

Penis traction devices have come a very long way over the past few years and they present those looking for a larger penis permanently with their best non-surgical hope of success.

penis-traction-deviceSome of these mechanisms rely on weights, while others use traction or vacuum pressure in order to stretch the penis over time.

Regardless of how they do it, the goal is effectively the same. That is, to pull the penis just enough to create tiny tears in the muscle, encouraging cell duplication and muscle build-up, very much like what a bodybuilder does while training at the gym.

When these devices are worn on a regular basis, they create a penis that is longer, sometimes by inches, and they can aid with girth as well, although usually to a lesser degree. Men who stick with the penis-stretching strategy for at least a few weeks are the ones who will see a major difference in their size, in the same way that continuing at the gym will provide you with the most dramatic results there.

Regardless of which device you decide to use, be sure to follow the directions and don’t use it for longer than the prescribed time. Part of the growth process takes place after the pressure on the muscle is released, so it’s best to allow the penis to recover as specified by the device manufacturer.   While some men report some mild discomfort when they first start using a penis stretching tool, most say that this fades as they become more accustomed to wearing it.

In the end, penis traction devices are:

  • Less painful and expensive than surgery
  • Effective for permanent penis growth
  • The only way for users to have total control over their penis enlargement

Penis Pills

penis-pillsMale enhancement supplements are another non-surgical solution available to men who have a penis that is too small or who are having a tough time getting and sustaining a satisfying erection.

There are many different brands on the market and the effectiveness and price of them can vary wildly. When researching which pills to buy, there are a few factors that you will definitely want to take into consideration.

First, the best brands offer all-natural ingredients that don’t have a host of unpleasant side effects. These ingredients should be clearly listed on the product’s website and somewhere on the bottle. Some of the most common ingredients in penis enhancement supplements are zinc for its impact on sperm health and motility and Korean ginseng, which is a well-known treatment for low sexual desire and stamina.

There are also a slew of other herbal ingredients that are often included in these pills due to the fact that they have a solid reputation for aiding in blood flow and cell development, as well as for promoting testosterone production.

Next, look for brands that have a high approval rating from past clients who can vouch for it having worked on them. Another good sign is when the brand has been created by trained medical specialists and is endorsed by a professional doctor.  In fact, you’ll very often find that the pills with the best ratings from men are the ones that do carry these endorsements.

Penis pills offer users:

  • A cost-effective non-surgical alternative
  • Larger erections that last for longer
  • Ease-of-use and convenience

Can A Pill Really Give You A Bigger Dick?

The promise of a bigger penis can be an especially alluring one for many men, and the idea that a simple pill can help them get it is even more appealing.   These so-called “bigger dick pills” claim to offer users more size, stamina and confidence with a solution that is all-natural, cost-effective and which doesn’t require surgery or any special equipment.

The question is, do these male enhancement supplements really work, and if so, how do they do it? This article will explain all of the ins-and-outs of dick pills and help you understand the science behind them so that you’re better able to spot the brands that can actually deliver on their promise of a bigger package.

male-supplementsWhat Are Male Enhancement Supplements?

There is such a wide variety of bigger dick supplements on the market these days, it’s tough to say what is in each and every one of them. Without a doubt, according to the only ones to trust are those that list their ingredients openly on their site and packaging and which state the benefits of each component. Look for all-natural ingredients to ensure that you aren’t taking something that could be harmful for you and stick with the brands that produce their pills in approved labs.

It’s also a good idea to see if the product has been endorsed by a medical doctor or specialist.

These penis pills will often contain tried-and-true sexual stimulants like Korean ginseng and reishi mushrooms, both of which have been used to increase sexual desire and stamina for centuries. Other herbs that have received less attention in the media, but which also offer a great deal of promise in this area of research is butea superb and momordica.

Both of these Asian-native plants have also been relied upon by locals where they grow for many years, due to their ability to provide men with harder and longer-lasting erections on a consistent basis.

You’ll also find zinc additives in many of the most popular pills for bigger dick, since zinc helps with both the quality of sperm and its motility. Each brand will also generally include a propriety compound to promote the production of testosterone, as well as to improve blood pressure and blood vessel health. These factors can have an enormous impact on the size of an erect penis and how long it can stay hard.

More common ingredients in bigger penis supplements include:

  • Apigenin, a citrus bioflavonoid used in cancer prevention
  • Amla, a potent source of vitamin C to improve blood pressure health
  • Arjuna, an herb that has been used to develop cardiovascular well-being
  • Cordyceps, which has been shown to increase testosterone production
  • Curculigo, an aphrodisiac that has been used in its native India for years

bigger-dick-pillsHow Do These Pills Work?

Since blood circulation is such a crucial aspect of an erection, dick pills work mainly by increasing blood flow throughout the body, thereby allowing for more of it to enter the cells of the penis during an erection. Many of the herbs that are used in these supplements are also geared toward improving the overall health of the man’s reproductive organs by encouraging healthier cell-growth as well. The pills are geared at promoting prostate health with the inclusion of ingredients like saw palmetto, which has been shown to reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and to increase the levels of testosterone in the body at the same time.

When a man takes penis pills on a regular basis, they should start to see a difference in the size of their penis during an erection within a few weeks. The supplements provide all of the nutritional elements necessary for men to get a hard-on much more easily and for the quality of their erections to improve, with dramatic results in some cases.

What Does The Research Say?

The effects on individuals can vary a great deal from product to product, but there is evidence to support that at least some of the penis enlargement supplements on today’s market can be effective. For example, one study found that 81% of the men participating noticed a difference in the size of their penis within just two months of taking a popular supplement.

doctor-adviceNot only that, more than half of the respondents experienced stronger erections than they had in the past and three-quarters said that their partners noticed a difference. Nearly all of those polled indicated that they were also able to get a hard-on in less time and with less effort than they had before, resulting in better sex and more of it.

  • 81% of men saw an increase in size during erections
  • 59% experienced stronger erections
  • 75% said that their partners noticed the difference

It’s important to note that research in this area has also taken a look at what kind of an impact having a larger penis can have on a man’s level of confidence in the bedroom and the findings have been nothing short of remarkable. Men with bigger sex organs are happier in their sex lives overall and they report feeling more comfortable with their partners, indicating that this could actually play a role in the success of your relationships.

Who Can Benefit From Bigger Dick Pills?

While there are many men out there who could benefit from using male enhancement pills, the ones who will get the most of it are the men who have felt self-conscious or inferior all of their lives simply because they have a small penis.

Others who will be especially happy with these types of treatments will be the men who have never had a problem sexually, but who, due to age or other circumstances, have found that getting and keeping an erection is getting tougher and tougher with each passing year. These segments of the male population will be better able to appreciate the inevitable improvement in their sex life after they have developed a dick that is bigger, stronger and harder through the use of effective penis enhancement pills.

The Penis Stretching that Works

While there are many methods of penis enlargement, which claim to work, there are very few that actually deliver on their promises; one of the few that does is traction.
Traction can help increase the length and girth of the penis and can be applied in several ways, although some methods are more reliable than others are.

penis-stretchingThe purpose of traction is extending penile tissue repeatedly over time in order to stretch it.

All types of penis stretching devices work in the same way, by stretching the tissue of the penis.

This results in an increase in either penis length or girth, or both.

If youre interested in trying traction as a penis enlargement technique, visit to understand how the process works and why penile traction devices are effective in increasing penis size, as well as the side effects of using such devices and whether these claims have evidentiary, scientific backing.

First, the Evidence

Several studies have been completed, which have shown a baseline increase in penis size among men who used a stretching device as instructed for at least six months. The average stretched penile length of the men in the studies increased by nearly an inch and satisfaction with the device was very high among study participants. The researchers also found that stretching devices were safe for any man to use, even if their penis was already within the average range.

Pills, Creams, Pumps and Surgery

Penis stretching devices are non-invasive and much more effective than pills or enhancement creams, which could actually be dangerous and are, at the least, ineffective.

Keep in mind that penis pumps work by applying traction through vacuum, but such devices can actually cause problems if used incorrectly. These problems include blood vessels bursting, penile bruising and fractures; some of these injuries may be irreversible.

Pumps are intended to facilitate and enhance erections; their effects are not meant to be retained and improved over time. Surgery is also not typically undertaken unless your penis is less than three inches, due to potential problems and complications.

penis-stretching-resultHow Penis Stretching Works

Every traction-based penis enlargement system works by applying steady, mild stretching force to the penis.

This stretching urges your body to do something it does naturally to relieve tension; it tricks your body into believing that more tissue is needed to alleviate strain.

In response, your body begins to grow new tissue due to traction force.

This is because traction forces the cells in the tissue of the penis farther apart; your body creates new cells to fill in the gaps, resulting in increased penis length and penis girth.

A Final Thought

Penis stretching is not a new technology. In fact, traction has been used in a wide array of procedures, including:

  • Tribal groups have used traction for many generations in order to enlarge various body parts which are indicative of (or sacred to) the tribe.
  • Traction has been (and is still) used in modern medical procedures involving stretching limbs.
  • Traction is useful in treating defects of the penis, like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Traction may also be used to treat a condition called penile dysmorphophobia, wherein a man inaccurately believes his penis is very small or sub-standard. Traction therapy helps these men to gain confidence.

While traction is not a new type of treatment, it is being studied more extensively than ever before as it shows promising results for penis enhancement. As a treatment for various penile malformations and to attain results from penis enlargement, using a stretching device to apply traction is easy, non-invasive and does not require dangerous creams or pills to work.

All About Creatine


creatine-riskCreatine supplements have become popular amongst bodybuilders looking to build muscle mass and get a good workout in the gym. Contrary to popular belief, creatine is not a drug or steroid. In fact, it is not even an artificially made chemical.

We all have natural creatine that gets created inside our bodies, so that our cells can get the energy they need to make our body’s function.

With supplements, we can increase this energy in order to get a better workout. Creatine supplements come in three forms; capsules, liquid and powder. Experts will recommend the powder because it is the easiest for the body to absorb. There are many different brands of this on the market, but just look for the 100% pure creatine and you will be fine. It is odorless, tasteless and mixes great with just about any drink.

How to take them

The powder form of creatine is very simple to take. Most of them will come with a 5 gram mini scoop inside of the container. This makes it convenient for scooping out the powder and pouring it into your drink. In the beginning, you will want to use about 20 grams of creatine per day because your body needs to get used to the supplement.

The only way it can is by saturating the muscles with it. After a week, you can just take 5 grams per day. As for the best time to take the supplement, there really is no best time. Some people will tell you to take it before a workout because it will give you the energy you need to lift heavy weights. Others will tell you to take it after a workout because it will help repair your muscles faster and make them grow.

The truth is that creatine does not have any immediate effect on your muscles when you take it. Remember that your body already has creatine in it, so your muscles already have plenty. Putting more of it in your body will just create more saturation, which could lead to health complications if you overdo it. So just stick with the recommended dosages and take the creatine anytime during the day.

What-They-DoWhat They Do

As a supplement, creatine helps bodybuilders produce more energy at a faster rate. This allows them to have the necessary energy required to lift heavy weights and increase their muscle mass. It does this by providing more water to the cells of your muscles, which results in an increase in protein synthesis.

This will allow the muscles to rebuild faster and get more massive after a workout.

With this kind of advantage, the results from a workout will be better because of the energy you will have to perform longer high intensity workouts. Many professional athletes in football, baseball and basketball use creatine while training in the gym to pack on more muscle mass.

In fact, anyone taking the supplement is guaranteed to gain weight from it.

The initial gains will only be about five pounds of water weight, but after the first week the muscle gains will be the cause of the weight gain. This happens because the muscles take about a week to get used to the new workload from all the heavier weight you are lifting, while on creatine.

What-They-Can't-DoWhat They Can’t Do

People have a habit of thinking that taking a supplement means they don’t have to work out as hard. You have to realize that supplements are only assisting you in achieving your fitness goals, but they won’t actually make them happen for you. That is something you have to do for yourself through hard work and motivation in the gym. Therefore, you won’t get big muscles within the first week of taking this supplement.

It also won’t increase your sexual performance as some people think.

But most importantly, do not use creatine supplements as a permanent replacement for natural food sources of creatine. If you are a vegetarian then you might be in trouble. Although you may be able to improve your performance with supplementation, you will never be able to get to your peak by only depending on it for your creatine. Bodybuilders who eat meat and take supplements will always have an advantage over vegetarians.

Improve Your Athletic Fitness with Creatine Supplements

Creatine has been recognized as a source of energy for muscles for 30 to 40 years, and in the 90s, athletes began to use creatine supplements to enhance their athletic performance. There are different supplements available, depending upon your preferences and needs.

Creatine-SupplementsCreatine can be hard on the stomach, causing bloating and water retention, but most companies have taken steps to decrease these unpleasant side effects. Of course, the pill form does not cause these side effects, but the drawback is that the body absorbs the pill much more slowly, taking longer to get the benefits.

Creatine Monohydrate

If you are into weight training and increasing body mass, lean muscle growth and strength, then a creatine monohydrate might be the ideal creatine supplement for you. This form of creatine supplement also enables you to gain better power in short surges. This is also the cheapest form of the supplement available online.

GNC Pro Performance 5000 is a powder form that easily blends with any beverage and it runs about 18 dollars plus shipping if you order it off the Internet. APS Creatine Monohydrate is for people of all ages and it gives the benefits of lean muscle growth and strength, and helps to support your body to recover from high intensity exercise.

MetRx creatine supplement is in powder form and it is advertised as a 100% creatine monohydrate that is great for serious athletes who want intense workouts. This powder helps to maximize your body’s muscle growth ability and to keep you energized.

Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE)

CEE is able to give you the same benefits of creatine monohydrate, but it has extra benefits that the monohydrate form does not have. It absorbs into the system more quickly and it is easier on your stomach. In addition, CEE has less tendency to make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Axis Labs has a CEE powder form that is absorbed quickly into your muscle cells, reducing the stomach pain and bloating that can be caused by creatine use.

PrimaForce CEE advertises the same affects as other CEE powders. They are more quickly absorbed and cause less stomach problems while giving strength and lean muscle gain, along with aiding recovering from a high intensity exercise program.

A1 Supplements offers CEE supplements in both the pill and the powder form. Their supplements increase lean body muscle and short bursts of strength. Their product has increased absorption and helps your body recover from intense exercise. The A1 CEE supplement also advertises less bloating and water retention.

Creatine Pills

Supplements also come in pill form, which will not leave a bitter taste in your mouth or cause stomach issues, but they also are much more slowly absorbed, which might make you more interested in the powder forms.

Both the creatine monohydrate and the CEE come in pill form and have the same benefits of the powders, except that your body absorbs them much more slowly, so it takes longer for them to work.


When you decide to look for the right creatine supplement for yourself, be sure to do your homework. Look at what is available on the market and look at consumer reviews. Know what your goals are with your exercise regimen and pick the right creatine supplement for you.

The supplements come in powder and pill forms and they can be expensive. Choose the one that not only suits your needs, but also check for how many doses you get for the money that you spend.

Creatine has been used by athletes for a long time.

Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

testosteroneWhat is Testosterone?

Testosterone is found in all mammals on this earth. It is a steroid hormone produced in the testicles of a man and in the ovaries of a woman. It can also be generated in small amounts from the adrenal glands as well.

From the ages of 15-25, that is when people really generate the most testosterone in their bodies. After the age of 25, testosterone generation slows down in the body.

However, men still have about ten times more testosterone in their bodies than women do.

After all, it is a male sex hormone that is responsible for creating reproductive tissues and the sexual characteristics of a person, such as their muscles, body hair and bone mass. Since men have more of it than women, this explains why men have facial hair, body hair, bigger muscles and stronger bones.

male-sexualityThis doesn’t mean it isn’t essential for women to have testosterone because it is. The only difference is women don’t need as much of it as men. When it comes to supplements, men will take testosterone supplements for the purposes of getting bigger muscles and increasing their sex drive. Women will take it when they get older to increase their sex drive, but when they are younger they don’t need to do that.

Testosterone supplements come in various forms such as powder, pill, patch and capsule. The most popular form to take is the capsule because it delivers the best results. If you buy them over-the-counter, please remember that you aren’t actually buying synthetic testosterone to put into your body.

This is basically what steroids are, which cannot be sold in stores.

You would have to get them either illegally from an international source or through a prescription from your doctor. Chances are a doctor isn’t going to prescribe you steroids for the sake of bodybuilding and getting bigger muscles. It would have to be prescribed to treat a medical condition. Therefore, the over-the-counter testosterone supplements simply contain herbs and minerals that help your body naturally produce more testosterone. By using this method, you will help get your body back to a normal level of this hormone.

Erectile-DysfunctionWhat is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an emotionally painful condition that men go through as they get older.

It is when their bodies are not able to maintain an erection in order to perform sexual intercourse. This means they can no longer have sex with their wives or girlfriends, which can definitely put a damper on their relationships. One of the main reasons this happens in older men has to do with testosterone deficiency.

Fortunately, there are now testosterone supplements that you can buy which naturally help the body produce more testosterone. That way you can get back that erection and perform intercourse again with the one you love. However, not all erectile dysfunction is related to testosterone deficiency.

You can also experience it from any prescription medications you are taking, especially those related to treating depression. Basically, anything that will decrease the blood flow to the penis will cause erectile dysfunction. People who drink alcohol or suffer from chronic illnesses could experience this. But in most cases, testosterone supplements are the key to fixing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is something that should be diagnosed by a doctor. Even though you might feel embarrassed about going to a doctor to talk about this condition, it is important that they classify the cause so you know it is not something worse than a lack of testosterone.

Besides, doctors are professional and have seen many cases like yours before.

Once you get your diagnosis, then you can be on your way to getting the necessary treatment to form an erection again. There are both over-the-counter and prescription based supplements for testosterone to help you do this. The over-the-counter capsules are certainly cheaper and faster to get, but you won’t really know how much of them to take.

By going to a doctor, they will test your blood to determine the correct dosage you need to get back to a healthy level. That way you don’t take too much or too little with an over-the-counter supplement.

Reference: Testosterone Therapy, Male Menopause and Erectile Dysfunction

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