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Regardless, we're not going to make your decisions for you. However, we will say that signing up only takes a really short time, and people that use the to do list maker we provide love it! And it's not done yet. We're consistently and constantly working on improving the site, and since it's web-based you'll recieve instant updates, for free. So give us a shot, it's free anyways! Sign up now or take the tour!
As we'd repeated often, it really is quick. All you've got to do is sign up to get started. There are no after-signup issues, it's just straight usage-goodness.
It's easy. We've done plenty of usability testing, and because of that the learning curve is virtually zero. We're all after productivity, and that's the way it should be!
It could be the worst piece of software on the planet, and people would still use it, because it's FREE. But it's pretty damn good so you should sign up anyways.

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