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creatine-riskCreatine supplements have become popular amongst bodybuilders looking to build muscle mass and get a good workout in the gym. Contrary to popular belief, creatine is not a drug or steroid. In fact, it is not even an artificially made chemical.

We all have natural creatine that gets created inside our bodies, so that our cells can get the energy they need to make our body’s function.

With supplements, we can increase this energy in order to get a better workout. Creatine supplements come in three forms; capsules, liquid and powder. Experts will recommend the powder because it is the easiest for the body to absorb. There are many different brands of this on the market, but just look for the 100% pure creatine and you will be fine. It is odorless, tasteless and mixes great with just about any drink.

How to take them

The powder form of creatine is very simple to take. Most of them will come with a 5 gram mini scoop inside of the container. This makes it convenient for scooping out the powder and pouring it into your drink. In the beginning, you will want to use about 20 grams of creatine per day because your body needs to get used to the supplement.

The only way it can is by saturating the muscles with it. After a week, you can just take 5 grams per day. As for the best time to take the supplement, there really is no best time. Some people will tell you to take it before a workout because it will give you the energy you need to lift heavy weights. Others will tell you to take it after a workout because it will help repair your muscles faster and make them grow.

The truth is that creatine does not have any immediate effect on your muscles when you take it. Remember that your body already has creatine in it, so your muscles already have plenty. Putting more of it in your body will just create more saturation, which could lead to health complications if you overdo it. So just stick with the recommended dosages and take the creatine anytime during the day.

What-They-DoWhat They Do

As a supplement, creatine helps bodybuilders produce more energy at a faster rate. This allows them to have the necessary energy required to lift heavy weights and increase their muscle mass. It does this by providing more water to the cells of your muscles, which results in an increase in protein synthesis.

This will allow the muscles to rebuild faster and get more massive after a workout.

With this kind of advantage, the results from a workout will be better because of the energy you will have to perform longer high intensity workouts. Many professional athletes in football, baseball and basketball use creatine while training in the gym to pack on more muscle mass.

In fact, anyone taking the supplement is guaranteed to gain weight from it.

The initial gains will only be about five pounds of water weight, but after the first week the muscle gains will be the cause of the weight gain. This happens because the muscles take about a week to get used to the new workload from all the heavier weight you are lifting, while on creatine.

What-They-Can't-DoWhat They Can’t Do

People have a habit of thinking that taking a supplement means they don’t have to work out as hard. You have to realize that supplements are only assisting you in achieving your fitness goals, but they won’t actually make them happen for you. That is something you have to do for yourself through hard work and motivation in the gym. Therefore, you won’t get big muscles within the first week of taking this supplement.

It also won’t increase your sexual performance as some people think.

But most importantly, do not use creatine supplements as a permanent replacement for natural food sources of creatine. If you are a vegetarian then you might be in trouble. Although you may be able to improve your performance with supplementation, you will never be able to get to your peak by only depending on it for your creatine. Bodybuilders who eat meat and take supplements will always have an advantage over vegetarians.

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