The Penis Stretching that Works

While there are many methods of penis enlargement, which claim to work, there are very few that actually deliver on their promises; one of the few that does is traction.
Traction can help increase the length and girth of the penis and can be applied in several ways, although some methods are more reliable than others are.

penis-stretchingThe purpose of traction is extending penile tissue repeatedly over time in order to stretch it.

All types of penis stretching devices work in the same way, by stretching the tissue of the penis.

This results in an increase in either penis length or girth, or both.

If youre interested in trying traction as a penis enlargement technique, visit to understand how the process works and why penile traction devices are effective in increasing penis size, as well as the side effects of using such devices and whether these claims have evidentiary, scientific backing.

First, the Evidence

Several studies have been completed, which have shown a baseline increase in penis size among men who used a stretching device as instructed for at least six months. The average stretched penile length of the men in the studies increased by nearly an inch and satisfaction with the device was very high among study participants. The researchers also found that stretching devices were safe for any man to use, even if their penis was already within the average range.

Pills, Creams, Pumps and Surgery

Penis stretching devices are non-invasive and much more effective than pills or enhancement creams, which could actually be dangerous and are, at the least, ineffective.

Keep in mind that penis pumps work by applying traction through vacuum, but such devices can actually cause problems if used incorrectly. These problems include blood vessels bursting, penile bruising and fractures; some of these injuries may be irreversible.

Pumps are intended to facilitate and enhance erections; their effects are not meant to be retained and improved over time. Surgery is also not typically undertaken unless your penis is less than three inches, due to potential problems and complications.

penis-stretching-resultHow Penis Stretching Works

Every traction-based penis enlargement system works by applying steady, mild stretching force to the penis.

This stretching urges your body to do something it does naturally to relieve tension; it tricks your body into believing that more tissue is needed to alleviate strain.

In response, your body begins to grow new tissue due to traction force.

This is because traction forces the cells in the tissue of the penis farther apart; your body creates new cells to fill in the gaps, resulting in increased penis length and penis girth.

A Final Thought

Penis stretching is not a new technology. In fact, traction has been used in a wide array of procedures, including:

  • Tribal groups have used traction for many generations in order to enlarge various body parts which are indicative of (or sacred to) the tribe.
  • Traction has been (and is still) used in modern medical procedures involving stretching limbs.
  • Traction is useful in treating defects of the penis, like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Traction may also be used to treat a condition called penile dysmorphophobia, wherein a man inaccurately believes his penis is very small or sub-standard. Traction therapy helps these men to gain confidence.

While traction is not a new type of treatment, it is being studied more extensively than ever before as it shows promising results for penis enhancement. As a treatment for various penile malformations and to attain results from penis enlargement, using a stretching device to apply traction is easy, non-invasive and does not require dangerous creams or pills to work.

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